NAG Department License Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I exchange, add, or subtract products or platforms from selected configuration?

    Yes. Simply contact your NAG Representative about which products or platforms you wish to change. Please keep in mind,

    • You cannot reduce your selections below the four product selections;
    • You can change your configuration an unlimited number of times to fit your needs;
    • The only charges you will incur are shipping and handling of new media, if applicable.

  2. If I am interested in using one of NAG's specialized numerical component products such as the NAG Parallel Library or NAG Fortran SMP Library, am I eligible for a discount through the program?

    Absolutely. A discount can be applied to NAG software products purchased outside program. Speak with your Representative for details.

  3. Can NAG software be used on faculty, staff and students' personally owned computers?

    In this program, discounts are available for NAG software on privately owned computers.

  4. What if more than one department is interested in using the software in the program?

    A license for more than one department within a school or college is negotiable.

  5. If I already have a NAG product account, am I eligible for credit?

    Whether you currently renew an annual license or pay for service on a perpetual license, we will apply any unused fees towards the department license program. The existing account(s) would then be covered by the program.

  6. How do I place an order?

    Contact your NAG Representative (by email or by telephone at +1 (630) 971-2337). We will be happy to discuss your department's software needs, our pricing, and provide you with a formal price quotation for your purchasing processes. You can also review a copy of the Department Site License Agreement (pdf).

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Please contact us to learn more about our Department License Program, or to discuss how this program can be tailored to benefit you, your faculty and your students.

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