NAG Consulting Partners Program

NAG Consulting Partners is a collaborative program between NAG and IT consulting companies who build sophisticated applications for their clients. The program enables consultants to undertake a broader range of client assignments through access to NAG's trusted mathematical, statistical and visualization components as well as NAG's technical experts.

IT consulting companies with 1 to 50 consultants can benefit from this unique partnership in several important ways:

  • Differentiate their services from those of competitors
  • Increase revenues from engagements with new clients
  • Reduce costly development time
  • Minimize the risk associated with offering increased capabilities
  • Create applications that may be re-used for future assignments

Learn more about the NAG Consulting Partner Program

NAG's Consulting Partners program can give your company the enhanced analytical capabilities necessary to create specialized software applications required by your clients. Learn more about NAG's Consulting Partners Program through the links in the right box above, or contact us to see if this program is right for your IT consulting firm.