Why NAG for Cloud HPC Migration?
  • Optimal Compute Power – take advantage of elastic compute resources to efficiently manage large workloads or meet changing demand – on AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure
  • Unconstrained Storage – scale different types of storage as you need it, at the locations of your choice
  • Right Hardware for the Job – flexibly configure hardware for your workloads – CPUs, memory sizes, interconnects, GPU/FPGA accelerators can now all be configured to the job
  • Advantageous Cost-Performance – access decades of HPC experience and new cost-performance optimization approaches to realize the benefits of the cloud
HPC Strategies Now Include Cloud

Increasingly, HPC users find they can’t afford not to consider moving their workflows to the cloud. Done well, cloud migration can increase your access to hardware, improve execution and decrease overall cost, while opening up new capabilities. 

Cloud HPC Migration Is Challenging

Moving existing HPC workflows to the cloud is non-trivial, and implementation mistakes can easily eliminate your performance and cost benefits. HPC leaders need support with getting started, choosing optimal hardware, managing costs, storage configuration, and tuning existing code to exploit the potential of the cloud. 

The flexibility of the cloud allows the option to adapt both the application as well as the platform upon which it runs. Optimal resource selection is often not obvious and maybe counter-intuitive at times. 

HPC Advice on Full Migration Path

NAG’s Cloud HPC Migration Service provides support as you

  • Choose Your Cloud – we work and partner with Google, AWS and Microsoft, NAG knows the strengths of the top Cloud Service Providers and can help you select the best for your needs 
  • Navigate the Transition – NAG helps you understand which factors will limit performance and increase cost in the cloud (I/O, CPU, memory, interconnect)
  • Optimize for Performance and Cost – NAG optimizes both your applications and the cloud infrastructure they can run on. Tuning and modernizing existing code, choosing the right resources – all to reduce overall cost and/or increase performance.

“We’re seeing a lot of clients decide that now is the right time to move HPC workloads to the cloud. The access to increased variety of hardware is a great thing, but it can amplify inefficiencies which will eradicate your cost advantage. With decades of real HPC experience, up-to-date cloud credentials, and deep partnerships with the big three cloud providers, we understand the overall HPC cloud migration problem in a way that others can't."

Adrian Tate, CEO of NAG

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