Compliance & Reporting Challenges

Banks must conduct and produce independent reviews, internal audits, reports, and more to ensure FRTB compliance.

This presents significant resource & process challenges, including:

FRTB Readiness
FRTB Reporting
Jurisdictional Variance
Review and Reporting

Banks are required to obtain an independent review, and to perform an Internal Audit of their FRTB readiness across their 3 Lines of Defence, and Market Risk Frameworks.

Detailed Reporting

Banks need to ensure the availability of additional FRTB desk-level metrics in reports sent to senior Management & Regulators.

For example, banks will achieve FRTB approval by completing an SAQ with evidence that fully demonstrates their compliance.

Regional Differences

FRTB will be subject to Jurisdictional Variance, meaning each region will have unique requirements. Banks must be aware of these variances and act accordingly.

Model Governance Service

Our Model Governance gives you:

  1. A full independent review of your bank's FRTB readiness & Model Risk Frameworks

  2. Independent, evidence-based reporting on FRTB readiness ready for submission to regulators

  3. Jurisdictional Variance management