Mike Croucher

Developer Advocate

Mike is Developer Advocate at NAG with responsibilities that cut across much of the organisation including High Performance and Cloud Computing, research software engineering consultancy, product development, and sales and marketing.

He was the co-founder of the University of Sheffield’s Research Software Engineering (RSE) group – one of the first such groups in the UK. Providing HPC, cloud computing and research software engineering support for almost every subject area within the University.

Along with the Software Sustainability Institute, the UK Research Software Engineering Association and the EU-funded OpenDreamKit project Mike actively campaigns to improve the career prospects of the talented but often overlooked people who underpin a huge amount of computational research….individuals we have recently been referring to as Research Software Engineers.

He was a strong advocate for the Research Software Engineering movement since its inception, is a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, and was co-investigator on the EPSRC RSE-Network grant that helped bootstrap the RSE society. In 2015 Mike was the recipient of one of the first EPSRC-funded Research Software Engineering Fellowships.

Mike has almost 20 years of experience supporting many aspects of research computing including scientific software, high performance and cloud computing and research software engineering at the Universities of Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds.

The common thread that binds together all of the roles throughout his career is that he works with the research community to enable them to do computation better. Alternatively, it could be thought of as therapy for a difficult PhD in computational physics.

Mike blogs at www.walkingrandomly.com and https://www.nag.com/blog