Mick Pont

VP Research and Development and Principal Technical Consultant - Numerical Algorithms Group

Mick Pont is Deputy Manager of NAG's Development Division. He has been at NAG since 1984, initially working on software to test correctness of computer floating-point arithmetic. Of his time at NAG, most has been in the office in Oxford, but Mick has also served several years at NAG's North American location near Chicago.

Mick has a Master's degree in Numerical Analysis from the University of Dundee, Scotland. He enjoys looking at topics associated with machine arithmetic, and interfacing various packages or environments (such as Java, Visual Basic) to NAG Libraries, and just generally likes making things work. Mick also spends a significant amount of time on various software development consulting projects for NAG.

As part of various teams within NAG Mick is involved in development and peer review of new NAG Library software and documentation, and in scheduling of software production in line with company targets.

In "project management" speak, he is named as "Executive" for the NAG Library Project, with a brief to provide support and advice to the project manager, and help ensure that outcomes provide NAG with increased business value.

Mick is also responsible for production of NAG technical support rotas (most of the NAG development team are regularly required to sit on one or other of these rotas regularly, and handling support calls is a good way to get to know our customers). He is also used by his sales and marketing colleagues as a resource for technical backup when they are on customer site visits, and has presented many NAG software training courses.

Mick acts as an industrial advisor on various university degree programmes:

  • University of Hertfordshire (School of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics)
  • Oxford Brookes University (Department of Computing and Communication Technologies)
  • University of Oxford (InFoMM CDT in the Mathematical Institute)

Mick has the honour of being an "Alan Tayler Visiting Lecturer" at the Oxford University Mathematical Institute (2015-2017). He also occasionally helps teach mathematics to year 6 pupils at his wife's primary school.