Installing the NAG Library, Mark 28.7

Product Code: [current-page:query:ProdCode]

  1. download the tar gzip file [current-page:query:ProdCode].tgz to a temporary location <temp_dir>
  2. change to the temporary location and gunzip and untar
       cd <temp_dir>
       gunzip [current-page:query:ProdCode].tgz        # this will create [current-page:query:ProdCode].tar
       tar xvf [current-page:query:ProdCode].tar       # this will extract, nl28.tgz,
                                                        in.htm(l), un.htm(l), 
  3. run the installation script
  4. after the software has been installed, you can optionally delete the temporary location and its contents.
  5. You can access the documentation on our website from here (html) or here (zip).