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The costs and benefits of using the Cloud for simulations [pdf] - by Andrew Jones, June 2019

Solving partial differential equations using the NAG Library [pdf] - by Jeremy Walton, NAG Ltd, January 2012.

Extracting The Digit: Optimizing Input and Output for Large-Scale Molecular Simulations - by Ian Bush and Jeremy Walton, NAG Ltd, November 2011.  Published in November 15, 2011 issue of HPC Source.

The View from the High End - Fortran, Parallelism and the HECToR Service - by Ian J Bush, NAG Ltd, February 2011.

Exact First- and Second-Order Greeks by Algorithmic Differentiation - October 2010

Detonation Modelling for the Mining and Quarry Industries: Use of the NAG Fortran Library - by Martin Braithwaite, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, Imperial College, London, February 2010.

Advantages of using NAG in applied mathematics: A NAG user's perspective - by Loïc Le Marrec, Institut de Recherche Mathématique de Rennes, January 2010.

Using the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB®

  • Part 1 - by Mick Pont, April 2007.
  • Part 2 - by Jeremy Walton, July 2007.
  • Part 3 - by Jeremy Walton, October 2007.
  • Part 4 - by Nicolas Esteves, Nathaniel Fenton and Jeremy Walton, November 2009.
  • Part 5 - by Jeremy Walton and Marcin Krzysztofik, July 2010.

Scientific Software for the 21st Century - by Mike Dewar, December 2009.

Atmospheric Chemistry on the Web - by Professor Simon L. Clegg and Professor Anthony S. Wexler, February 2009.

Understanding subsonic and supersonic nozzle flow using the NAG Library - by Orial Kryeziu, January 2008.

Oxford Professor uses NAG components to aid the design of new magnetic materials - October 2007.

Partial Least Squares - July 2007.

A practical test for the NAG Optimization - by Jan Stebel, July 2007.

Using the NAG Fortran Library to model the economic impact of climate change - by Stuart Fitz-Gerald, May 2007.

John Backus, the Father of FORTRAN (1924-2007) - by Rob Meyer, April 2007.

NAG and Multi-core Architectures [pdf] - by Rob Meyer, December 2006.

Are You Ready For Multi-Multi-Core Systems? Article by Rob Meyer, published in ACM Ubiquity Magazine, September 2006.

Is Your Software Trustworthy? Article by Rob Meyer, published in Financial Engineering News, May/June 2006.

The Use of NAG Optimization Routines for Parameter Estimation [pdf] - by Geoff Morgan.

An Introduction to the Quality of Computed Solutions [pdf] - by Sven Hammarling, published by SIAM, August 2005 in a book edited by Bo Einarsson entitled, "Accuracy and Reliability in Scientific Computing". An introduction is given to ideas that are important in understanding and measuring the quality of computed solutions. In particular, the ideas of condition, stability and error analysis, and their realisation in numerical software are reviewed.

Calling C Library DLLs from C#, Utilizing legacy software [pdf] - by Shah Datardina, published in Dr. Dobbs Journal, October 2005. For those who need to utilize legacy software, we provide techniques for calling unmanaged code written in C from C#.

Bridging Theory and Practice with Precision and Portability [pdf] - Interview with Rob Meyer, published in Financial Engineering News, May/June 2005 Issue.

High-Performance Math Libraries - Who says you can't get performance and accuracy for free? [pdf] - By Mick Pont. This article examines how to use high-performance math libraries to speed-up application code, and presents tricks used to achieve excellent performance, while still maintaining accuracy.

NAG's IRIS Explorer [pdf] - By Jeremy Walton, Senior Visualization Consultant of the Numerical Algorithms Group. Originally published in The Visualization Handbook (C.D. Hansen and C.R. Johnson, eds.), Elsevier, 2005.

Help for .NET Developers [pdf].

Fortran Matters [pdf] - By Malcolm Cohen, Principal Technical Consultant of the Numerical Algorithms Group. Originally published in the April 15, 2004 edition of SD Times.

NAG Libraries and Component Object Modules (COM) - By David Sayers, Principal Technical Consultant, the Numerical Algorithms Group.

The NAG HPC Libraries for Higher Education [pdf] - NAG Ltd.

IRIS Explorer: Collaborative Computational Steering on the Grid [pdf] - By Jeremy Walton, NAG Ltd.

A Sneak Peek at Fortran Standards [pdf] Should finance house quants really care? - By Malcolm Cohen, Principal Technical Consultant of the Numerical Algorithms Group. Originally published by Financial Engineering News, January/February, 2004 (

The Future of Quantitative Computing - An interview between Jim Finnegan, Editor of Financial Engineering News, and Ian Reid, VP Business Development of the Numerical Algorithms Group, originally published in Financial Engineering News, July/August 2003.

Calling C Library Routines from Java: Using the Java Native Interface [pdf] - Mick Pont, Development Division of the Numerical Algorithms Group and originally published by Dr. Dobb's Journal (, July 2003.

MONET - Imagining a Math-Savvy World Wide Web - Mike Dewar and Rob Meyer, Numerical Algorithms Group, originally published in Upgrade Magazine, April/May 2003.

Where numerics matter: How computer arithmetic can lead you astray [pdf] - David Sayers, NAG Ltd and John Morrisey, NAG Inc, published in Financial Engineering News, December 2001.

Sneak peek at Fortran 2002 [pdf] - Brian Smith, a member of the Board of Directors of NAG and Professor of Science at the University of New Mexico, published in R&D Magazine, March 2002.

When number-crunching PCs leave a bad taste [pdf] - Rob Meyer, NAG Inc, published by The RMA Journal, September 2001.

When good computers make bad calculations [pdf] : A cautionary tale - Rob Meyer, NAG Inc, published in SD Times, July 2001.

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