Industry Articles


NAG's globally renowned numerical components are being used by hundreds of financial houses and institutions worldwide in many areas such as portfolio optimization, quantitative analysis, risk management, trend forecasting, index tracking and derivative pricing, to name a few.

NAG has been supplying its numerical components to industry for over 30 years and during that time many articles have been written by experts at NAG that cover a wide range of financial activities. To view these articles please click here.


NAG's long standing reputation for numerical and statistical excellence is based in part on its contributions to the field of scientific computation. Since NAG's founding over 30 years ago, its employees have written and had published many industry articles and papers discussing a broad range of computational areas. Articles and papers can be found by clicking here.

NAG Technical Reports

As well as the extensive collection of articles written by NAG experts that feature in the Industry Articles area, there are many Technical Reports available here which show the flexibility of NAG software, often giving code examples.