HPC Technology Intelligence Service in partnership with Red Oak Consulting

Secure leadership in computational capability for your business
Improve Cost Effectiveness & Performance
A clear path through the HPC fog

The HPC Technology Intelligence Service is an impartial intelligence and analysis service delivering risk-reduction and competitive insight to users, managers and owners of high performance computing technology. The service will help you find what you need to know about HPC technology with less time, effort and cost on your part and thus focus on the important information among the clutter in the HPC market.

Secure leadership in computational capability for your business
  • Discover the right technology to accelerate your modelling, simulation and big data processing needs;
  • Determine the best time to deploy new technologies to optimize business impact and cost-effectiveness;
  • Reduce the risks in exploring and exploiting new HPC technologies;
  • Reduce your time, effort and cost in finding the important information among the clutter in the HPC market;
  • Access trusted experience and expertise in support of your future HPC plans.

NAG HPC Technology Intelligence Service in partnership with Red Oak

Three expert levels of service provision
Membership Level Core Gold Platinum
Suitable for Anyone involved in planning, buying, operating or programming HPC systems Customers who want more focused advice, or who have complex HPC technology needs Customers who will benefit from being in a leadership position in understanding and exploiting HPC technology
A tri-annual report of intelligence, analysis and insight on HPC technology and trends, news, best practice tips, benchmark results and readiness plans for emerging technologies.
Our senior HPC experts will visit you each year to deliver an impartial HPC technology seminar, discuss issues relevant to your organisation, and answer your questions on any HPC technology issues  
Our team of senior HPC experts will visit your site three times a year so that you can explore interactively a range of questions/issues as you need, and query our expertise, opinions and experience directly    
Personal HPC ‘hot news’ alerts that provide the significant technology news that is relevant to your organisation
News, intelligence and analysis based on our own wholly impartial research and opinions – independent from technology providers
Where clients wish to learn more, we can arrange briefings (usually under NDA) by technology providers. These might include technology explanations, future product roadmaps, deployment planning, skills planning, etc. In all cases, we will guide the agenda to ensure it is focused to your needs
Access to our Library of previous reports and other content  
5 person-days of HPC consulting per year to use as you need  
Proactive investigation and reporting on behalf of your specific interests    

In all cases, we are happy to discuss further in-depth studies for specific business cases, technology research, technology evaluations, planning or deployment situations as needed.

How can we do this?
  • Our HPC experts regularly attend a wide range of HPC and other technology conferences around the world.
  • We engage frequently with technology providers (under NDA), liaise with researchers in academia, national labs and industry.
  • We have a broad network of other users of HPC technologies and their real world experiences.
  • We keep up to date with the many excellent sources of HPC news and analysis that are available.
  • We undertake in-house or collaborative mini-research projects and technology evaluations.
  • We have the time, effort and expertise to engage with all these sources and to analyse the information to extract insight from the noise.

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