Fortran 95 Programming

Training Course Description

This course will teach you everything you need to know to program in Fortran 95, and we assume no prior knowledge of programming. We cover basics data types, arrays, IFs, loops, functions, subroutines and modules, input and output and the many built in functions of Fortran. We will also discuss some of the feature of Fortran 2003/8. Throughout the course we will emphasize good programming practice and each section of the course is supported by practical exercises.

Aimed at:

Anyone interested in learning scientific programming.


Attendees should be familiar with working in a UNIX environment (i.e., you should be able to connect to a machine remotely, use basic UNIX commands, edit a source file and understand the elementary steps in compiling object files and creating executables).


3 days.

After Course Attendees Will:

Be able to write a code from scratch, using Fortran.

Please email us if you would like to attend this course.