Essential HPC for Buyers, Managers, and R&D Leaders


This course prepares the attendee for managerial responsibility for users of HPC, or an HPC service delivery team. It can also act as an introduction to HPC for new users or technical leaders, or even business development staff.

The course provides an overview of:

  • Why HPC? The business value and science/engineering impact of HPC/supercomputing, advocating the value to other stakeholders, elements of a business case, etc.
  • What is HPC? The technology, trends and challenges behind the capability.
  • How? Capturing the business need/opportunity, technology evaluation, procurement best practice, service architectures, ecosystem issues, etc.
  • Who? The global HPC community, use in industry & research, supplier options, etc.

Aimed at:

Anyone who has technical, budget or oversight responsibility for a team/division/business area that either uses HPC (or could do so) or delivers HPC services within a company.


None, although a scientific background might be useful.


1/2 day.

After the course attendees will:

Attendees will understand the role and benefits of HPC/supercomputing in industry, the global HPC community context, and the issues involved in acquiring and operating HPC facilities, including essential technology trends and service architectures.

Please email us if you would like to attend this course.