Datacolor looks for development speed-ups; finds perfect match with NAG routines

Getting the blue on that soft drink can to match the blue on its packaging is no passing fancy for Datacolor

Today's manufacturer is likely to outsource many components of consumer goods and packaging to outside suppliers. Getting these suppliers on the same wavelength, specifically the wavelengths of light and color, has spawned new markets for color science software. Datacolor is the leader in the color science software category, and plans to stay that way, in part, by creating a single interface and platform for all its products.

NAG Routines for Spline Fits Help Datacolor Users Find the Best Color Matches Possible

When Datacolor sought to create a single toolset for five different products, they turned to NAG components to help speed development time. Because Datacolor could trust NAG, they estimate it eliminated one third of the overall development time for the project.

Datacolor's customers now get far more options and controls on their tests of color matches in various materials, lighting and other factors. They also get to integrate various Datacolor products painlessly.

Why Use NAG Components?

Douglas Denzer, Manager of Software Development for Datacolor advises all software developers to make a thorough analysis of their system designs to see how NAG components might similarly help speed development time. Denzer recounts, "By having proven components we avoided all the time consuming issues of validation and the uncertainty of in-house development components. We didn't have to concern ourselves with validating NAG components, and instead concentrated our efforts on determining how to apply them. With one platform for five different products built with NAG components, our customers get systems with higher confidence and accuracy than they could possibly find with a disjointed set of individually developed components."

"By using NAG components, we save about 1/3 the development time. We now offer customers a consolidated fundamental base platform of functionality for our math and algorithms, data management, and an interface to the outside world. Even before our first alpha release, we were able to see results by exercising and testing the components. What we have achieved is far more robust than it would have been without NAG components. Our customers have far more options for their colorimetric studies and can be far more rigorous."

"We had carefully evaluated NAG along with three additional sources for math and algorithmic components. NAG components performed the best. We rarely needed support because the documentation is so well done, but when we did need support it was there."

"Because we use NAG components it frees us up to concentrate on application instead of background fundamentals. And, it frees us up to look at applications for new market segments."