Code Contributors
Future proofing algorithmic code with the NAG Library

Every single release of the NAG Library has included numerical code contributed by professionals working in industry and academia. These esteemed "Code Contributors" generously give their code to help others gain benefit from their expert algorithms. Each code donated is then documented, tested, maintained and supported by NAG and engineered to run on different software and hardware configurations.

The Code Contributors - future proofing algorithmic code with the NAG Library - interviews by some of NAG's past and present code contributors

The list includes the names of those who have collaborated with NAG specifically to develop software for the Library; and also the names of the authors of public-domain software that has been adapted for inclusion in the Library. It gives the institutions at which the individuals were working at the time they made their contributions, not necessarily their present addresses. It does not include the names of those - too numerous to mention individually - who have contributed ideas, criticisms, reports of errors, or suggestions for improvements to the software; nor does it cover work done by NAG staff or those who are responsible for implementing the Library on different machines.

We acknowledge with gratitude the contributions of all these people to the development of the Library.