Code in the Cloud Consultancy

NAG have experience in helping organisations correctly reconfigure their numerical based applications and underlying solver codes for cloud environments. Consulting services include:

  • Adapting application code for flexible scaling to multi- or many-core environments
  • Improving parallel areas of code to make best use of alternative platform configurations
  • Suggesting alternative algorithms to give increased performance with high processor counts
  • Large dataset processing architecture options; considering the likes of Hadoop, SPARK, MPI and other Big Data and HPC approaches to meet your application requirements
  • Advice on choice and use of machine learning library options
  • Cost of processing design alternatives – how much faster can results be? 

Get in touch telling us what you need to do, what you want to understand, and we can describe the ways in which NAG can help you achieve your goals, alternatively we can provide details of the best NAG Library configurations for your organisation’s specific cloud infrastructures.

Algorithms in the Cloud

The inherent flexibility of the mathematical and statistical algorithm solvers found in the NAG Library make running it in the cloud, or in a high performance computing environment straight forward and efficient. The NAG Library provides a solid numerical foundation and serves diverse mathematical areas. It is expertly documented, maintained and supported, and is regularly updated with cutting edge algorithmic capabilities.

NAG Library solvers can be integrated with and called from:

  • Hadoop based applications
  • Specialist science and research application cloud environments
  • In-house, public and hybrid clouds
  • The major cloud providers’ platforms or smaller, industry focused, cloud architectures and portals
  • Accelerator, GPU, FPGA and other cloud based high performance platforms
  • Single technology or hybrid cloud computation systems with on demand changes in processor numbers to match workloads
World-class software and consultancy for optimum cloud computing
  • Strategy and planning
  • Proof-of-concept projects
  • Benchmarking and application readiness
  • Analysis of cloud TCO and benefits
  • Supporting procurement of cloud services
  • User support services 
  • Cloud/Grid Task Execution Framework
  • Numerical algorithms for use in the Cloud