Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions
Providing the underlying numerical codes for complex computation, analytics, interpretation and result reporting

Critical to business performance is intelligent, informed decision making. Fundamental to business intelligence systems is the numerical code which undertakes the complex computation, analytics, interpretation and result reporting. The NAG Library provides highly accurate and expertly supported mathematical and statistical code for use in business intelligence and analytics.

Nielsen and Intel Migrate HPC Efficiency and Data Analytics to Big Data including NAG Library Routines

Nielsen has collaborated with Intel to migrate important pieces of HPC technology into Nielsen’s big-data analytic workflows including MPI, NAG Numerical Libraries, as well as custom C++ analytic codes. This complementary hybrid approach integrates the benefits of Hadoop data management and workflow scheduling with an extensive pool of HPC tools and C/C++ capabilities for analytic applications. In particular, the use of MPI reduces latency, permits reuse of the Hadoop servers, and co-locates the MPI applications close to the data.

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