The Blind Recruitment Process

Improving workforce diversity

Careers at NAG

NAG provides a highly varied and distinctive place to work, learn and experience. Each day NAG staff are solving numerical, technical and high performance computing problems for customers all over the world – either directly, or through software development. Whatever your role at NAG, you’ll find your work challenging, rewarding, and enjoy working within a great team.

NAG strives to be an open, inclusive and diverse employer. In 2018 we made moves to further improve workforce diversity, including changing how we describe job roles and introducing a ‘blind recruitment’ process. We feel blind recruitment helps remove any conscious or unconscious bias, be that from gender, age, ethnicity, and academic institutions attended, thus making the recruitment process a level playing field for all.

How does it work?

When a job application is submitted, NAG’s Head of HR removes all identifying information (applicants name, age, and institutions attended) as well as other bias forming information such as hobbies and interests, in order to make the application entirely neutral. Those involved in the selection process can then form their opinion without bias, based purely on the candidates’ credentials and experience.

At the interview stage, these details become known, and the successful candidate is then chosen on interview merit.

At present, our UK workforce includes people from Togo, The Czech Republic, China, Venezuela, France, Germany and South Africa. We continue to strive for more gender balance and work with organisations such as Women in HPC and STEM Ambassadors, and through our own schools' outreach work to encourage girls and women into technology and HPC. Learn more about our efforts here.