Algorithm Design and Development
Algorithms tailored to solve your complex problems

NAG design and build custom algorithms that exactly meet your needs and solve your complex problems better. NAG have been at the forefront of algorithm design and optimization for over 5 decades. Our experts collaborate with world leading research centres and academics to develop and maintain over 1,500 algorithms used in thousands of applications. 

The deep knowledge base that is used to generate new directions for the NAG Library is available to you via specialist consulting work. In these consulting assignments, relevant numerical techniques are adapted, conjoined or re-focused, away from the general case, to benefit your specific application and create sustainable competitive advantage.

A custom algorithm development targets the configurations of your specific environment and your own problem types. Many aspects are considered including processor (CPU, coprocessor or GPU), memory configurations, communications networks and problem sizes, runtime windows, tolerances, areas of interest and much more.

Custom Algorithm Development Provides

Algorithms for new hardware

NAG provides you with algorithms in time for your latest platform upgrades and for your future plans. Designs are generated from continuous research into the application of numerical techniques on the very latest hardware platforms including GPGPUs as well as upcoming coprocessor, CPU and supercomputer architectures.

New maths or science

By working with NAG you gain access to a pool of reliable knowledge on the latest mathematical and computer science technology breakthroughs.

Different scaling/accuracy properties

NAG selects techniques that balance all your requirements by understanding and weighting your needs and developing your algorithms depending on the importance of a range of attributes including speed, accuracy, energy usage, scaling, and more.