Air Products builds Complex Physical Models with the help of reliable NAG components

Air Products and Chemicals Inc. gives their customers the purity they want and need...

Their helium/oxygen blend lets deep sea explorers get air. Their hydrogen powers the space shuttle forward. Their epoxy resins give velodrome cyclists the smoothest ride they've known. And similarly, every chemical and gas made by Air Products and Chemicals works because it is the purest quality possible. Air Products measures this purity in parts per billion or parts per trillion. Neither Air Products nor their customers have room for error.

Air Products Builds Complex Physical Models with the help of Reliable NAG Components

The thermodynamic and transport property programs at the core of Air Products' business have been written over the course of the past 30-40 years. Fundamental math calculations within these programs are often done with routines selected from NAG's C and Fortran Libraries. NAG algorithms are run through their custom-built simulator for distillation column designs and related equipment. These designs and equipment are for chemical and gas plants being built by Air Products for customers throughout the world. NAG numeric components also underlie their data regression studies to fit fundamental models to Air Products' research data.

Product quality is non-negotiable for Air Products' customers. What they do want to negotiate is cost. Because it has extensive and reliable software tools for research at its disposal, Air Products can minimize costs without sacrificing purity.

Why use NAG Components?

As Ken Anselmo, Air Products and Chemical Inc. Engineering Associate in Scientific Computing says, "We use NAG as a standard tool that underlies many of our programs. We could write NAG code ourselves, but it would cost us a lot of money to do it. Instead, we save an enormous amount of time by using NAG components. We are able to take this short cut because we are absolutely certain of the accuracy and reliability of the code. We also get the benefit of extensive documentation and test problems that just are not available from public domain sources. And, we know we are getting the most up-to-date methods since NAG is continuously developing their algorithms.

NAG lets us do sophisticated programming without the work of coding and maintaining the basics."

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