The NAG Library documentation makes use of the MathML format for displaying mathematics within web pages. This is supported natively in the Firefox browser, but for users of other browsers we use the freely available MathJax javascript library. Unfortunately the MathJax consortium is having to shut down its server as detailed here. As detailed in that page, users may instead use a locally installed copy of MathJax, or may use a different freely available server.

The copies of the NAG Library documentation on our website have already been updated, for example Fortran Library Documentation and C Library Documentation.

However, if you have a locally downloaded copy of the Fortran or C Library Documentation (NAG Toolbox for MATLAB® documentation is not affected) then you will need to change the file:


and change line 4 to refer to a new location for MathJax.

The existing line is:

var nagmathjax= ((window.location.protocol=="https:") ? "https" : "http" ) + "://";

The URL recommended by the MathJax consortium for users who wish to use a freely available web hosted library is:

var nagmathjax= ((window.location.protocol=="https:") ? "https" : "http" ) + "://";

As this change has already been applied to the copies on our website you may alternatively just download this and copy it into your local documentation.

We apologise for this inconvenience, but the underlying changes to the MathJax server arrangements are not in our control.

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