My name is Will Lee-Anglin and I’ve just spent my placement year in industry at NAG (2019/2020) whilst studying for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Bath. NAG has been a brilliant opportunity for me to experience various roles and practices in a software company.

I’ve worked as a Software Engineer in the Product Engineering team. The role of our team was to build and test the NAG Library and related products for all different types of systems, languages and implementations to meet customer needs. I was tasked with maintaining the Java wrappers for the NAG Library. This allowed me to make improvements to the build and testing processes as well as providing support for customers and fellow employees who were using the wrappers.

The day to day experience at NAG was integral to my positive experience. It truly is an environment of cooperation and communication. If I ever had any issues with anything I knew that anyone I spoke to would be willing to help to the best of their ability. It’s a very relaxed environment where everyone knew their roles and tasks, which really helped me individually settle into working life.  The ability to work from home was particularly appreciated for the second half of my placement during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing me to keep up productivity at a difficult time.

My favourite projects to work on were new routines for the NAG Library. It was really great to go though the entire process from concept to working product, making all the necessary tests and ensuring high code quality. It will be great to finally see these routines in the library in future releases.

The skills I’ve learned over my time at NAG are going to incredibly useful later on. Languages such as Matlab, Fortran and C#, all of which I had no experience with going into this placement, are now certainly part of my repertoire. Slowly being eased into Linux allowed it to become second nature, breaking the fear of the unknown it possessed this time 12 months ago.

If you’re an undergrad looking for a placement with a relaxed yet productive working environment in a great city, I can’t recommend NAG enough!

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