NAG Schools Outreach - Maths Beyond School

It was great to be invited to take part in ‘Maths Beyond School’ at Burford School yesterday. Burford School is a local secondary school close to our Oxford office for pupils aged 11-18 years. The day was held to inform Burford’s year 9 and 10 students of the different opportunities open to those who chose to study maths at higher education, and hopefully inspire them to go on and study maths after their GCSEs and A’ Levels.  

Sally Bridgwater, POP Team Leader (Performance, Optimisation and Productivity project), Andrew Sajo, Developer in Mathematical Optimization, and I, were encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by the pupils and staff at the school. We hope that by sharing our experiences of studying Maths, (and related subjects) and going on to use our learned knowledge in our careers has helped Burford School students to think of their own futures and the possibilities that are available in the broad, exciting, and rewarding field of mathematics.

Well done to Burford School for organising the event, especially chief organiser Emma Craig, and thank you for giving us the opportunity of spending time with you all.  

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