Research Software Engineering (RSE) is a relatively new job title in the world of technical computing, springing into existence in March 2012 as a result of a Software Sustainability Institute collaborations workshop. RSEs are the people who are more likely to write and support software rather than papers and the RSE career pathways that are emerging are designed to support that. 

Fast forward to 2020 and the RSE community has gone from strength to strength with its own formal society and RSE groups all over the UK and the world. One of the aims of the RSE community is to address cultural issues in academia that fail to recognize the importance of software to research.   

NAG was born over 50 years ago and are proud of our heritage of providing research software support which continues to this day in the form of our involvement in projects such as the EU Center of Excellence in Performance, Optimisation and Productivity (POP) among many others. 

Membership of the RSE society

Several members of NAG staff are members of the RSE society. In a further show of support for the RSE society, one of NAG’s staff members: Fouzhan Hosseini, is standing for election to its board of trustees. Previously a Researcher at the University of Leeds and now an integral member of the POP team and Chair of the NAG Chapter for Women in HPC, we think that Fouzhan would be an asset to the society. Her full profile is available here.  

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