Learn about the business processes required to deliver a successful HPC environment

At the upcoming ISC18 conference in Frankfurt, the HPC community’s attention will inevitably focus on big supercomputers, new processors, and other technologies.

Of course, successful and cost-effective HPC also critcially relies on the many people whose primary role is running HPC centres, fighting for funding, architecting and delivering HPC services to users, to enable that computational science and engineering output. Most of these HPC leaders have evolved into the role from a background as a user or as service staff. Unfortunately, the development and training opportunities to help future HPC service managers learn essential skills are scarce.

A number of HPC leaders in industry recognised this problem and called for an opportunity for their staff to learn about the business processes required to deliver a successful HPC environment.

This customer demand led to Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)  (a leader in "business of HPC" training through SC tutorials and more) and Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) combining in 2017 to create the first “HPC for Managers” course in Austin TX. This was highly rated by attendees and we are delighted to announce dates for the 2018 "HPC Leaders" course.   

HPC Leadership Institute, September 11-13, 2018 – Registration is open now!

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