Let me introduce myself first.
I'm Lawrence Mulholland and I'm Group Leader for a Group called "Numerical Libraries" which includes a large proportion of our internal developers. I look after project development as we move from one major release of the Library based products to the next; so I am currently managing a FL23 project which aims to produce its first implementations of FL23 at the latter part of this year.

Painleve Equations

I have recently been invited to a workshop hosted by ICMS in Edinburgh on Painleve equations:

This seems like an interesting area of research; and since we are looking to introduce a routine for the Hypergeometric function 2_F_1 in FL23,
it seems like a logical extension to be investigating the even more challenging Painleve equations which seem to have a fair range of applications.

What I'm not sure about is:
how useful would routines that provide particular solutions to the Painleve equations be to our customer base and to the research community in particular?

Does anyone out there have any interest in this?


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