Gail, describe your role at NAG?  

I manage the Technical Support Service, the Sales Operations Team, NAG Oxford Reception and I am website editor for the marketing area of the website.

Can you give examples of the customer problems you help solve via NAG Technical Support?

Rather than solve users technical issues my role is connected to the direction of incoming support queries and the issuing and renewal of software licences. Over time I have come to understand the installation of our software and so can help users with some of their licensing and software applicability issues.

Tell us something special/unusual about NAG?

I believe that NAG truly cares about giving our customers the best possible service.  This comes across again and again in the positive feedback we receive following the closure of technical support queries.

Tell us something special/unusual about yourself? 

I’m just a little bit proud of the fact that when helping Mick Pont with some tests he was carrying out for a presentation of NAG’s Random Number Generator, I was found to be more random!

Are you attending any exhibitions or conferences this year?

I’m not, I’m too busy in the office, helping our customers to get the best from NAG.

What’s been the highlight of your time working at NAG so far?

That’s a difficult one, I don’t think I can put my finger on any one thing.  I think it’s enough to say that I hope to stay at NAG for the remainder of my career, I love my job here and I consider myself really lucky to have finally found my niche, I’m as at home here as I am ……… at home :-)

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