One of the great features of the NAG Library is the sheer number of routines: over 1700 in total. However, this can make the task of identifying the right routine a little daunting and time consuming. With this blog post, I would like to highlight the decision trees that we have included in each of the Chapter Introductions found in the documentation. These decisions trees demonstrate the power of The NAG Library, which allows you to choose a specifically designed routine for your particular problem, rather than a generic one.

As mentioned above, each Chapter Introduction contains a decision tree for that particular chapter. To get to the Chapter Introduction, you select the appropriate chapter and then click on Chapter Introduction. For example, if we are interested in interpolating some data, we would choose the e01 Chapter. Above all the functions is a green link to the Chapter Introduction. Following this link, we see a link to the decision tree. As you can see, by following the link, we have a single decision tree with 14 different exits. This tree helps us determine the correct routine for our particular problem whether we have multiple independent variables, derivatives or require an interpolating function.

As well as the decision trees, you can always contact our dedicated support team, who will be happy to help you choose the right routine so that you can fully utilise the power of the NAG Library.

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