Do you remember those episodes of Friends that consisted entirely of flashbacks - presumably the cast were too busy with other duties that week so couldn't film, or the writers too busy to think up a real story ...

The NAG Blog has been running for just over 3 years now. In that time we have had 118 posts on a wide variety of numerical computing topics including HPC, .NET, customer engagement, GPUs, optimization, and much more.

The most popular posts (pageviews) have often been the most technical ones - including:

On the HPC theme, there have been posts discussing factors of , describing supercomputing to friends, family and politicians, and the relationship between supercomputers and ice cubes.

I hope you have found our blog to be a nice mix of useful content, occasional fun, and topical thoughts. Do you have a favourite NAG Blog post - or more importantly - is there a topic you would like one of our numerical computing experts to write about? From talking to customers we know that you’d like to see more technical articles which we are always working on, but we also would like to see more contributors to the blog. So if you have something to say about numerical algorithms or HPC that relates to NAG and the work that we do, get in touch and maybe we can collaborate.

Our other social networks – the NAG Linkedin Group and @NAGTalk on Twitter have grown to be fairly engaged spaces. Our aim with all our groups is to create a friendly space where users and staff can readily exchange ideas, innovate and share relevant stories. The Linkedin Group is a vetted group which means that we keep it free from spam and recruiters. Do join if you want to connect with other NAG users, collaborators and developers.

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