Numerical Algorithms Group - Product Licensing

Flexible Licensing

NAG offers flexible licensing arrangements to meet the variety of needs of our customers. For instance, NAG provides for department and site wide licensing arrangements to the academic community and enterprise site licenses to large corporations. We also work closely to provide tailored agreements to meet the particular needs of our ISV Partners.

If your licensing requirements go beyond the scope of our standard product license [pdf], please contact us.

Obtaining License Keys

Instructions for permanent license keys are included in the products Installer's Notes. Links to each product's Installer's Notes can be found on that product's download page or on our Installer's and Users' Notes listing page.

NAG offers 30-day trials on most of their products. Instructions for downloading and trialing available products can be found in the downloads area of our site. For software trials, complete the temporary license key request form. A link to this form is located on each download page. A temporary key will be generated and sent to you by email from our Response Centre.

Transferring Product Licenses

There are a number of circumstances in which a customer may wish to change from one implementation of a product to another; the most common example is when changing systems within the organization. Please contact us to discuss your needs in this area.

For annually licensed services this facility is available free of charge (excluding any additional licence fee which becomes payable according to the normal pricing mechanism). Software materials for the new system are supplied on request (or can be downloaded, if available), and the site is granted permission to use both old and new implementations of the product for a changeover period of three months, after which the licence for the original system is no longer valid.

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