Software Services

The numerical codes that underpin the results from your software are not future proof. While the mathematics does not change, the codes have a limited lifespan because of new hardware structures, mathematical innovation and changes in application needs. NAG Numerical Services help you and your organization find and implement the optimum numerical computation solutions; design the best ways to solve complex problems; use sophisticated mathematical principles and approaches for real solutions; verify that older applications remain valid and optimal for the latest processors and platforms. NAG works with your team to impart skills and techniques that will help solve your parallel numerical software problems.

NAG Services include:

  • Numerical Software and Algorithm Audit and Tuning
    NAG audits your current solution or new requirements to provide advice. We can then implement the right numerical solution. The team brings understanding of numerical problem types and current hardware & operating systems. The team also has expert knowledge and experience of how problem sizes and changes in available computing power can provide speed ups and resource benefits. NAG specialise in tuning existing code to exploit the power of multi-core, many core, accelerator and HPC cluster computing systems.
  • Custom Algorithm Development
    If your problem requires the development of an entirely new algorithm(s) we can develop, document and implement new code for you. We have experience in specialist algorithm development for clients and can continue to support your numerical code as hardware and operating systems evolve serving to future proof your applications.
  • Numerical Method Selection
    NAG will inspect the problem that needs solving and will advise on the right mathematical and statistical methods and routines to solve the problem. In this capacity we are unbiased and can advise on a variety of supported and open source collections.
  • Specialist Numerical and Parallel Code Training
    NAG provide training courses in: real world parallel coding for numerical applications; OpenMP, MPI and other techniques; writing code for accelerator, co-processor, node cluster and HPC architectures; CUDA, OpenCL and Unified Parallel C; how to choose appropriate numerical approaches for efficient problem solving.
  • Services for Algorithmic Differentiation
    Algorithmic Differentiation (AD), also sometimes called Automatic Differentiation, is a technique for augmenting numerical simulation programs to compute first- and higher-order mathematical derivatives quickly. NAG provides expert help, support, training and coding to deliver substantial insight into this powerful technique and to achieve robustness and efficiency for your specific application.

Custom Numerical Projects

Our work also takes the form of specialist services for particular custom projects. Clients return to us not only because of the skills that NAG brings to solve complex problems, but also because of our culture of not for profit long term collaboration, knowledge transfer and total client integrity.

Recent Numerical Work:

  • NAG helped a pharmaceutical company deliver an analysis tool to run scenario analysis on complete product lifecycles. They needed robust and well tested methods.
  • A consumer products firm, with a focus on pricing models, used NAG to access some sophisticated regression techniques.
  • The financial systems division of a technology services company needed NAG to enhance key statistical models.
  • An analysis and pricing firm used NAG Numerical Services to help speed-up their application ten times.
  • A global consumer business came to NAG for advice on porting parts of numerical applications to GPUs and Co-processors
  • A precision engineering business had NAG verify their in-house algorithms


NAG strongly believes in collaborative engagements. You can depend on NAG as your reliable supplier of products, services and training. NAG can also be your trusted partner - rely on NAG for specialist expertise in numerical computing, effective algorithms, or HPC. Your business can benefit by exploiting NAG's strengths, enabling your efforts to be focused on achieving your objectives.

  • Targeted delivery: NAG deliver projects with clear objectives. We can then support you in the way you decide.
  • Build capability: NAG can help you build in-house expertise, to deliver HPC service sooner. We can deliver your service, recruiting - training and mentoring your in-house team as we go - and then smoothly transition to in-house delivery.
  • Service and support: NAG can provide an integrated service or support function across any of our services and consulting offerings - giving you a stable collaborative partner to ensure continued delivery.

Reap the business benefits of partnering with NAG

Features Benefits
New application capabilities Add sophisticated analytical features such as data mining, forecasting, optimisation, and statistical analysis to your product.
Speed up time-to-market Since NAG has probably already designed the components you need, partnering with us can save months from your product development schedule.
Reduced development costs NAG component licences are a fraction of the cost of developing, testing and documenting even a relatively simple mathematical component.
Reduced maintenance costs Maintaining software for new versions of operating systems, compilers or even hardware can be a costly aspect of business. NAG does the hard work for you by ensuring their components are available on all the major platforms.
Protect your investment NAG's software is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advances in mathematics and statistics, ensuring that your product remains at the cutting edge of industry developments.
Access to experts NAG provides outstanding technical support. Furthermore, if you need a specific variation of a component NAG provides or something entirely new, NAG have the experts to create it for you.