British Aerospace Defence Ltd

British Aerospace Defence Ltd

BAe is Europe's largest aerospace group, and the UK's largest manufacturer and exporter. It is an experienced collaborator in multinational design and manufacturing projects, with partners in over 20 countries. The Airbus, Tornado and Eurofighter projects stand as major examples of European cooperative programmes. BAe is engaged in the design, manufacture, support and development of a broad range of products, from Airbus wing assemblies to Advanced Affordable Military Aircraft. BAe are also recognised as world leaders in the field of Advanced Short Take-Off & Vertical Landing (ASTOVL) technology. Design analysis in aerodynamics, electromagnetics and optimization are key technologies in reducing design cycle times and improving affordability. BAe owns a range of parallel computing hardware, and participates in the Esprit PEPSE and CAESAR parallelisation projects.

British Aerospace will have the role of an end-user in the PINEAPL Project. BAe will contribute their expertise in aerodynamics and electromagnetic analysis to producing parallel implementations of their existing application codes. As an end-user, BAe will provide one of the immediate exploitation routes for project results.

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