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Piaggio has an application in the area of 2-stroke engine design. The KIVA III package is used for this application.

The work involved in the reporting period was:

  1. to specify and produce realistic problems for the engine design application that will demonstrate the performance improvements of the parallel implementation,
  2. to produce standard results from the benchmark problem to assist in showing that the accuracy of the results does not suffer through the use of the parallel implementation of the application code.

During this period, definitions of the benchmark and grids generation in KIVA III have been created and preliminary profiling on a 2-stroke engine configuration has been carried out and completed. Furthermore, the grid in KIVA III for this 2-stroke engine has been improved in order to obtain a more accurate representation of the cylinder and combustion chamber volume. A new two-stroke engine configuration has been identified and related experimental data has been collected on this engine.

The KIVA III version that includes moving valves modeling has been tested. Two baseline test-cases each with two vertical and slanted valves were run and the functionality of the code was tested also in cross-flow configurations.

Integration of test cases with visualization tools, and preparation of a demonstration on a benchmark test case has been completed.

Mishi Derakhshan
Wed Apr 23 12:54:57 BST 1997