Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI)

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Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI)

The main aim is to prepare an implementation of the hydrodynamics application code, MIKE3, on the target architectures.

The version of MIKE3 which has been selected for inclusion in PINEAPL, has been ported to a PC/Linux configuration using both the NAG Fortran 90 compiler and the Gnu Fortran compiler. The code has also been implemented on an IBM/RS6000 SP (the parallel research platform at DHI) using both the native compilers (xlf/xlc) and the GNU compilers (g77/gcc).

Benchmark test problems - a spinup-model and an eutrophication model - have been defined, and test problem sizes for the target hardware configuration have been specified. These benchmark problems have been tested and profiled with the sequential code.

The first parallel prototype of MIKE3 following the functional parallelization as presented at the first review has been implemented. Currently the application solves the transport equations for salinity and temperature in parallel. The next step is also to solve the transport equations for the various environmental substances in parallel.

The algorithms from CUBE, a research package, are being implemented in MIKE3.

Mishi Derakhshan
Wed Apr 23 12:54:57 BST 1997