Elctromagnatics (EM) Application

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Elctromagnatics (EM) Application

The main activities in the reporting period have been:

  1. to prepare an initial working implementation of the electromagnetics application code on the target architectures which will form the basis for later parallel implementations. It has been agreed that the first step in the production of the EM application will be an optical ray tracing of the BAe model data using bi-cubic patches. Model data has been supplied by BAe and the development of serial ray tracing software (based on existing code) is in progress.
  2. to produce a parallel implementation of the EM application code that incorporates a parallel ray-tracing set of routines managed by a dynamic load balancer. The load-balancer will be included as a support routine in the PINEAPL Library.

    Development of the sequential ray-tracer and its integration with the BAe EM applications is continuing and a beta test version was delivered to BAe by the University of Manchester.

Mishi Derakhshan
Wed Apr 23 12:54:57 BST 1997