NAG C Library Associated Information

Windows DLL support for various environments

The Windows DLL versions of the C Library are callable from many different environments including

  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6
  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Java
  • C#

Projects illustrating the use of the DLLs from the above environments are presented here:

It is expected that, as experience is gained in new environments, further advice on the interoperability of the NAG C Library Windows DLLs will become available and we intend to publish updates to the advice in these documents from time to time.

Calling NAG C Library (DLL) from C#

Microsoft has provided techniques for calling non-managed code from C#, and .NET generally, summarized in three key concepts: attributes, assembly, and marshalling. Using these concepts it is possible to call the vast majority of NAG C Library functions fairly easily. Details for C Library Mark 23 are given here.

Calling the NAG C Library from Java

Detailed instructions on how to call routines in the NAG C Library from the Java programming language are given in this Technical Report.

We show examples using Java running on both UNIX and Microsoft Windows platforms. The techniques described are also applicable to other libraries, such as the NAG Fortran Library.

Decision Trees

Decision Trees within many chapters in the NAG C Library make finding the right routine easier and quicker. These trees are incorporated into the chapter introductions and lead the user through some simple yes/no questions that categorize the problem and lead to suggestions of the most suitable routines to be used.

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