NAG Schools Excel Add-in (N-SEA) - Key Functionality


Continuous Data Charts

N-SEA's continuous data charts can automatically group the data, with groups specified either explicitly, by width or by number. It also allows for unequal group widths. N-SEA can produce charts of continuous data including:

  • Frequency diagrams
  • Cumulative frequency diagrams
  • Histograms
  • Box and whisker diagrams


N-SEA allows data from a spreadsheet to be sampled, including:

  • Simple sampling
  • Random sampling
  • Stratified sampling
  • Sample size can be specified by number of by percentage

Additional Features

N-SEA brings additional functionality to charts of discrete data and corrects some of the problems with Excel's built in charts. Additional features include:

  • Tick marks occurring in the centre of the bars
  • Ordering of the x-axis either numerically, alphabetically or by the height of the corresponding bar (i.e. a Pareto chart)
  • Automatic addition of groups with zero frequency for data with numeric group labels

Future modules

The current release of N-SEA includes a taster of the planned Decision Mathematics modules. Included in this release are a step-by-step demonstration of:

  • The Bubble Sort algorithm
  • The First Fit bin packing algorithm


Product Availability

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