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N-SEA enables Microsoft Excel to be used as an effective tool for the teaching of mathematics and statistics at GCSE and A Level. It is an ideal tool for the teaching environment because the majority of teachers and students have some familiarity with Excel and so users do not have to spend valuable time learning a new software package.

The N-SEA documentation index includes links to detailed information on using this product's fuctionality.

Your Assistance Needed

This is the first release of several offerings that NAG is intending to produce for schools, based around the Excel spreadsheet. We are keen to receive feedback from teachers and pupils, so please feel free to contact us by email at n-sea@nag.co.uk, or infodesk@nag.com.

We would particularly appreciate guidance on what new functionality you would like to see in future editions and of course welcome advice on any errors you have found or suggestions on how this product might be improved.

Future features in N-SEA 2.0:

  • Data comparison with frequency diagrams
  • Data comparison with frequency polygons
  • Data comparison with box and whisker diagrams
  • Decision mathematics modules
  • Scatter diagrams
  • Stem and Leaf

N-SEA is developed by NAG with valuable contributions from:

  • Ed Carlin (Wallingford School, Oxfordshire)
  • Trevor Easterbrook (Oxfordshire Mathematics Centre)
  • Neville Hunt (Coventry University)


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