Mick Pont

VP Research and Development

Mick Pont is deputy manager of NAG's Development Division. Mick has been at NAG since 1984, initially working on software to test correctness of computer floating-point arithmetic, and later moving into development and porting of other NAG products including libraries and graphics packages. Of his time at NAG, most has been in the office in Oxford, but Mick has also served several years at NAG's North American location near Chicago.

Mick has a Master's degree in Numerical Analysis from the University of Dundee, Scotland. He enjoys looking at topics associated with machine arithmetic, and interfacing various packages or environments (such as Java, Visual Basic, Delphi) to NAG libraries, and just generally likes "making things work". Mick also spends a lot of his time on various software development consulting projects for NAG.

Mick occasionally publishes articles related to NAG software; items include articles for Dr. Dobb's Journal.