OpenMP Training Course


OpenMP is the standard for writing parallel codes to run on a shared memory computer, node or multi-core chip. It mainly involves adding compiler directives to an existing serial code. This course will introduce the concepts and essential syntax of OpenMP, including the functionality introduced at version 3.0. We will also discuss some performance issues. The course is supported by practical exercises.

Aimed at:

Anyone interested in writing parallel code in OpenMP.


Attendees should be able to program in either Fortran or C and be familiar with working in a UNIX environment (i.e., you should be able to connect to a machine remotely, use basic UNIX commands, edit a source file and understand the elementary steps in compiling object files and creating executables).


3 days.

After Course Attendees Will:

Be able to parallelize an existing serial code, or write a parallel code from scratch, using OpenMP.

Please email us if you would like to attend this course.

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