NAG in Research & Development


R&D departments increasingly need to manipulate, analyse and visualise large amounts of data accurately, something for which NAG's software is ideally placed. In fact, organisations such as CERN, Nike and the US National Institutes of Health already depend upon NAG software.

Why use NAG

In such a challenging and competitive market, NAG's tools can offer you a vital edge. NAG draws on its broad experience of numerical computing; thus, for example the solution to a problem for an investment bank in the US can be just as applicable for an R&D organisation in the UK.

For those who don't want to develop their own application or need advice on numerical analysis NAG offers software development and numeric computation expertise through the Consulting Service.

Many R&D departments already draw on the full range of software tools from NAG, particularly numerical computation, statistical analysis, visualisation and numerical simulation software.

Numerical Components

NAG's libraries provide a broad range of reliable and robust numerical and statistical routines in areas such as minimising and maximising functions, PDEs, curve and surface fitting, and FFTs to name but a few. By using these libraries organisations know that they will save development time and protect their investment in application development. Much of this software has been developed with collaborators to ensure that it addresses real-world R&D problems.