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NAG Technical Training Workshops

The NAG C Library and C++
The NAG Library for Java

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Course Details

Using the NAG C Library with C++ (morning workshop)

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Trainer - Chris Seymour, NAG Software Engineer

C++ is a prevalent language in the development of financial applications. This workshop will give attendees insight to using the NAG C Library with C++. The workshop will feature a 'hands-on' session where NAG experts will guide you through calling the routines in the C Library into C++.

Course attendees will be using the latest version of the NAG C Library, Mark 23 in this workshop. New routines in the C Library at Mark 23 include: Matrix Functions, Multi-start Optimization, Additions to Nearest Correlation Matrix , Bound Optimization By Quadratic Approximation, and Skipping Ahead the Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator.

Introduction to the NAG Library for Java (afternoon workshop)

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Trainer - Ludovic Henno, NAG Software Porting Engineer

NAG's latest numerical library - the NAG Library for Java provides Java developers with over 1,700 mathematical and statistical routines. This workshop will give an Introduction to the new Library and demonstrate its ease of use. Attendees will have time to get 'hands-on' with the Library.