NAG Downloads - C Library

AMD 64-bit Linux, GNU gcc 4.2.4

Specific download information:

  • C Library, Mark 9
  • For AMD 64-bit Linux (including EM64T)
  • Includes AMD ACML libraries
  • Using GNU gcc 4.2.4
  • File size of C Library
    78.2 MB ; 82017808 bytes
  • File size of Documentation
    97.1 MB ; 101907876 bytes
  • NAG Product Code: CLL6A09DGL


Download the single tar gzip file from here (size: 78.2 MB).
For detailed installation instructions, click here.

For implementation specific information, refer to the installer's notes and users' notes.


You can access the documentation on our website. You also have the option to download the tgz file from here (size: 97.1 MB). For detailed installation instructions, click here.

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Product Purchasing

The product can be purchased by contacting one of our offices.