Collaboration with Software Vendors

NAG software components are increasingly being used by other software vendors to improve the quality, maintenance and time-to-market of their products. Here are some examples:

  • Manugistics is a provider of software solutions for gaining maximum performance from trading relationships in a wide array of businesses such as: Enterprise Profit Optimization, Pricing and Revenue Optimization, Supply Chain Management, and Supplier Relationship Management. To create sophisticated capabilities within their products, Manugistics chose NAG to provide components for its NetWORKS(tm) product range.
  • OriginLab partners with NAG to develop the next generation of combined data analysis and graphing software. OriginLab has developed a new Origin C compiler for its next version of Origin. The partnership objective is to integrate essential elements of the time-honored NAG numerical C library with Origin's new programming language. Origin 7 is the first scientific software to combine presentation-quality graphics, the C language, and the NAG numerical library in a single package.
  • PeopleSoft uses NAG components in several of its business analytic tools for asset liability management, funds transfer pricing, risk weighted capital, and analytical forecasting. It provides PeopleSoft users with high-powered statistical analysis and scalable solutions.