Partner - Oxford Centre for Computational Finance (OCCF)


The research activities of OCCF have now been merged into the Mathematical and Computational Finance Group.

Unique Finance Research Centre launched by The Chief Secretary to the Treasury and The Deputy Governor of the Bank of England

A unique Centre for Computational Finance based at Oxford University, known as OCCF, was launched by the Chief Secretary to the Treasury and the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, on Wednesday, 10 October 2001. Designed to support the world's financial markets through development of mathematical theory, organizations will be able to benefit from OCCF's capacity to analyze real-time data and study the complexity of the dynamics emerging from today's markets. This will facilitate faster reaction to extreme market events, such as predicting and dealing with market crashes, and evaluating all forms of operational risk.

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In the news...

The launch event was held in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, Oxford with the following agenda:

  • Ruth Deech, Pro Vice Chancellor (Chair)
  • David Clementi, Deputy Governor, Bank of England
  • Neil Johnson, Co-Director, OCCF
  • Greg Stroud, Managing Director, Sun UK
  • Pierre Pourquery, Head of Risk, EMEA, IBM
  • Brian Ford, Director, NAG
  • Andrew Smith, Chief Secretary to the Treasury