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NAG ports a range of its software to both Intel/Windows and Intel/Linux platforms. NAG and Intel have been working closely together since the introduction of the Pentium chip, producing early ports of both libraries and visualisation software for various launch events and demonstration CDs.

Intel licensed the NAG LAPACK routines for use in their Math Kernel Library (MKL) as well as a range of further tests to help ensure the accuracy and robustness of MKL.

NAG is working closely with Intel and other vendors to have early release ports of NAG products available on the new IA64 chips (Itanium and follow-ons). Intel provides a good range of its latest hardware to NAG to ensure that our customers are well supported.

If the software you want does not appear to be available for your computer, please contact NAG. A version may be planned or nearly ready. Also, registering your interest helps NAG plan future versions and may ensure future availability.

Intel Software Development Products

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