NAG Partner - IBM

IBM Business Partner

An IBM Advanced Business Partner

NAG ports its range of software to IBM's main RISC and Intel platforms, as well as providing some software under contract to other platforms, e.g. f95 compiler on S/390.

NAG's SMP Library now optimized for the IBM POWER4

IBM provides NAG with a range of hardware on rolling upgrade to ensure that our joint customers are well supported.

A case study with the UK Met Office shows how the NAGWare f90 Compiler gives the Met Office the flexibility to move applications and skills across all available platforms, particularly onto the IBM S/390.

NAG Products and Services Available on IBM Machines

If the software you want does not appear to be available for your computer, please contact NAG. A version may be planned or nearly ready. If not, registering your interest helps NAG plan future versions and may ensure future availability.