Collaboration with Hardware Vendors

NAG collaborates with all the leading hardware vendors in a variety of ways, including:

Specialist porting of NAG software
A range of NAG's high-performance math libraries has been ported to the SR8000 supercomputer (Press Release). These libraries are already in use at the LRZ, Munich on the world's fastest civilian (and Europe's fastest) supercomputer, the SR8000-F1 (LRZ Press Release).

NAG ported its Fortran 90 compiler to the IBM S/390 platform principally for use by the UK Met Office. The portability of NAG's products made this a viable project; the quality of NAG's cross-platform compiler made this a requirement for the UK Met Office (Press Release).

A similar requirement for a quality Fortran compiler in the embedded market led to a port of the NAGWare f90 Compiler to the Lynx (now LynuxWorks) environment primarily for JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab), USA (Press Release).

Licensing NAG software for use in vendors' own products
Intel were looking to extend their Math Kernel Library (MKL) to include LAPACK. They came to NAG because of the excellent performance, documentation and support (Press Release).

Use of NAG source code in compiler testing
Most major vendors now license NAG library source code and/or the NAG Fortran Test Suite for compiler testing.

Bundling of NAG software as part of special vendor promotions
From time to time, NAG and hardware vendors work together to produce special hardware/software bundles.

Development and testing of hardware specific intrinsic functions
NAG have a team of experts who have worked on the provision and testing of hardware specific intrinsic functions in both C and machine code.

Fortran 95 compiler technology
NAG produced the world's first Fortran 90 Compiler and it is now a very mature technology which has been used by a number of hardware and software vendors for use in developing their own compilers. In addition, we have used the technology to good effect in producing cross-compilers for specialist architectures.

Fortran tools technology
The NAG Fortran Compiler is exceedingly modular and this has enabled the rapid production of a suite of Fortran tools. This same technology is available to develop tailored tools to meet user requirements, from Fortran 77 to Fortran 90 translation, to systematic parse tree and symbol table modifications.