NAGWare f95 Compiler soon to be available for LynxOS

The Numerical Algorithms Group is pleased to announce that the NAGWare f95 Compiler will be released shortly on the LynxOS platform. NAG produced the world's first Fortran 90 compiler and the latest release (NAGWare f95 Compiler, Release 4.0 is the world's first compiler that implements features that will be included in the next standard, Fortran 2000. NAGWare users therefore can take advantage of these constructs while retaining the proven reliability and stability of the NAGWare compiler.

The NAGWare f95 Compiler has been available for some time on a wide range of Unix platforms and thanks to its inherent portability this range has now been extended to Lynx Real Time Systems' LynxOS. Initially the compiler will be available on the PowerPC, but it may subsequently be ported to other hardware platforms operating under LynxOS.

Release 4.0 includes features defined in two major Technical Reports, commissioned and accepted by the committee responsible for the development of the Fortran standard (J3):

1. Allocatable Components. The ALLOCATABLE attribute is now allowed on dummy arguments, function results and structure components.

2. IEEE Floating-Point Exception Handling. Modules are provided to access and control IEEE floating point arithmetic.

The NAGWare f95 Compiler's extensive compile time and run time checking features have been enhanced further at Release 4.0 by the major addition of runtime procedure argument checking and subscript checking for assumed size arrays.

"We are keen to support Fortran users world-wide and provide the latest, cutting edge Fortran technology", said Dr Brian Ford, OBE, Director of NAG. "NAG is renowned for providing high quality technical and scientific software. Porting the NAGWare f95 Compiler to LynxOS shows our continuing desire to provide software programmers with state-of-the-art and reliable tools for their work on as wide a range of platforms as possible".

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