PRESS RELEASE - NAG f90 Compiler for the IBM S/390 platform



The Met Office Standardises on NAG f90 Compiler for the IBM S/390 platform

  (Oxford, UK. 28 May 1998.) Mathematical modelling and analysis is at the heart of weather forecasting. Significant efficiency improvements in these numerical applications can now be made by software developers at the UK's Meteorological Office using NAG's Fortran 90 compiler now it is available for the IBM S/390 platform.

The NAG f90 compiler is the first Fortran 90 compiler to be made available for the IBM S/390 and the only Fortran 90 compiler available for all the platforms used by the Met Office. Use of the NAG f90 compiler enables Met Office application developers to use both Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 in their programs for modelling and analysis and gives them the flexibility to move their applications and skills across all available platforms, particularly the IBM S/390.

Fortran remains the preferred computational language of choice for scientific and technical applications involving numerical computation. Fortran 90 provides efficiency gains over Fortran 77, while protecting investment in legacy code already developed on other platforms. The IBM S/390 and NAG f90 compiler thus enable the Met Office to maintain its status as a world leading Meteorological Service.

A wide variety of computing technology is used for weather forecasting. The Met Office recognised the need to enable rapid and easy access to the vast store of weather information for all users, from a range of different systems, so raising productivity and reducing business overheads by lowering system management costs. Consolidating to a single server platform would allow the Met Office to meet these objectives, while supporting the existing mixture of computing technology.

"Porting the NAG f90 compiler to the IBM S/390 enables the Met Office to leverage the full effectiveness of its decision to consolidate both applications and information management onto the IBM S/90", said Dr Brian Ford, OBE, Director of NAG Ltd. "NAG has supplied the Met Office with applications software development tools for a number of years, and we were keen to ensure we tracked their business objectives of moving to the IBM S/390 by supplying the first Fortran 90 compiler for that platform. Met Office programmers can now build and deploy computationally intensive solutions across the enterprise employing all the advantages provided by Fortran 90."

NAG launched the world's first ISO/ANSI standard conforming Fortran 90 Compiler in 1991, which has been thoroughly tested and used extensively since its first release. NAG is committed to developing and supporting Fortran 90/95 technology and is actively involved in X3 J3 and WG5 meetings to help direct the future of Fortran.

About NAG

NAG Ltd has over 25 years experience in developing, porting, distributing and supporting scientific software. NAG is a not-for-profit organization which supplies a range of compilers, tools, software libraries and associated products for the professional programmer and for educational and industrial use. NAG Ltd is based in Oxford UK, with subsidiary companies in Chicago, Tokyo and Munich, as well as distributors worldwide.

Notes for Editors

The NAG Fortran 90 compiler (NAGWare f90 compiler) allows software developers and programmers to exploit the increased functionality and improved performance of this widely used and mature compiler.

Key features of Release 2.2 are as follows:

  • compiles both free format input and Fortran 77 fixed format input forms
  • allows processing of code containing tab format input and byte-sized declarations
  • provides extensive error messages and includes optional run-time checking of array bounds and pointer association
  • full library and support library of all the new High Performance Fortran (HPF) language features and intrinsic functions, incorporating nested WHERE within FORALL constructs, allowing users to readily compile HPF code
  • includes a dbx90 debugger interface
  • performance improvements over standard benchmarks



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