Mike Dewar, Chief Technical Officer - NAG Group

As Chief Technical Officer, Mike is responsible for setting technical strategies and implementing technical work programmes for the NAG Group of Companies. As part of this role he manages NAG's Development Division, based in Oxford and Manchester, which designs and implements the NAG family of products and delivers a range of technical services to customers. Mike also leads the team providing Computational Science and Engineering support for HECToR, the UK's national academic supercomputer, and sits on the service's Strategic Management Board. He is responsible for managing NAG's worldwide programme of technical collaboration, and maintains a watching brief on new and emerging technologies.

Mike joined NAG in 1994, originally to manage the development of the Axiom computer algebra system, and has since worked in a variety of areas within the company. In particular he has coordinated four major projects funded by the European Union: A Framework for Symbolic-Numeric Computation (FRISCO, 1996-1999), OpenMath (1997-2000), The OpenMath Thematic Network (2001-2004) and Mathematics On The Net (MONET, 2002-2004). A common thread running through all these activities is a desire to make mathematical computations accessible via the internet, and to automate and simplify the process of using mathematical software as much as possible.

Mike is the Vice-President of the OpenMath Society, and is also a member of the Industrial Liaison Committee of the Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra. He holds a first class honours degree in Mathematics and Computational Science from the University of St. Andrews, and a PhD from the University of Bath for his thesis “Interfacing Algebraic and Numeric Computation”.